A corporate website’s main job is to make it more likely that a visitor will buy. Like any piece of a marketing program, it’s about lead conversion.

This is a rather functional, unromantic point of view, but makes sense because everything flows from it.

Conversion is improved if your product and corporate positioning is clear, so copywriting counts.

Conversion is improved if the site is attractive, so good design really matters.

Conversion is improved if the customer has easy choices for taking the next step, so you must know what customers want — and be creative enough to present the right offers.

The Baseline

The average company should have a website that:

  • Positions your company correctly, answers customer questions, etc.
  • Can be updated without asking your webmaster.
  • Loads quickly.
  • Is usable on a smartphone.
  • Connects with social media services, if applicable to your business.

With extra effort you can also have:

  • A private area on the website, for partners or outside sales.
  • The ability to test different versions of a page, to see what works best.

We develop websites for small and medium sized businesses. We have a virtual team of trusted designers and developers, whom we include as conditions warrant.

Included With Every Website:

All website projects address our standard secondary considerations thusly:


Modern smartphones do a good job of rendering websites. Yet your site can be programmed to serve a mobile-optimized version of itself to smartphones. Navigation and graphics will be adjusted accordingly for touchscreen interfaces,  smaller screens, and uncertain bandwidth. Making your website mobile-friendly improves conversion. Both of our preferred content management systems, WordPress and Drupal, support mobile-optimized sites.


Regular maintenance of a website is often an afterthought, but can make a big difference in lifetime project cost. Here’s how we help.

Editorial interface. You and your staff should be able to make simple changes and updates to the site. Systems like Drupal and WordPress make this easy. If you need to make changes to your site from a mobile device, we can arrange that.

Hosting. Unlike most other marketing consultants, we have operational familiarity with the back-end of websites. We are able to make changes to DNS records, back up databases, scan mail logs to diagnose problems, and make other webserver configuration changes. This means you have one less vendor to manage.


An efficient marketing program requires that your website be integrated with several other systems: the email broadcast service, the CRM for lead capture, and the social media services. If the website isn’t automatically syncing with these services, the resultant manual handling leads to wasted time and increased chance of error. We excel in these kind of integrations.