Social Media

For all the consumer hype about the social media space, it is now definitely part of the dynamics of the internet — like SEO or email.

Social Media is just one part of how people learn about your products, and can’t be ignored.


The Baseline

That said, your company’s need for active social media involvement can range from 1 to 10. We have clients who want to keep a low profile, which is why this “minimum effort” in social media is rather modest.

All companies should at least:

  • Monitor social media for mentions of themselves, competitors, partners, key influencers, etc.
  • Monitor competitors’ own social media accounts.
  • Be able to discreetly interact with customers on social media, if that’s where they are.
  • Own the Twitter avatars which most closely match their names, even if they don’t actively tweet.


A Social Media Strategy

A fuller social media strategy has three steps, beginning with a feasibility study.

1. What’s the right level of involvement? To answer this question, we address:

  • How the social media channel can fit into your sales, PR, marketing and branding programs.
  • Who are the key online influencers in your space.
  • What is the competition doing?
  • Is there an internal group or person who would be the logical choice to “own” of the social media efforts.
  • What are the international, language and legal considerations.

2. Develop a Framework

Assuming some kind of social media footprint makes sense for you, we then do this:

  • Develop editorial and legal guidelines for the corporate use of social media.
  • Train the people who would actually do the work.
  • Establish measurement and oversight processes.
  • Assemble the web tools and various online accounts into a “system” that hangs together.

3. Roll Out and Measure

Once the program hits the road, we can remain involved as “guardrails” to keep the program on track.


Included with Every Social Media Project:

All social media projects address our standard secondary considerations thusly:

Mobile optimization

Social media services by their nature are mobile-ready!

Maintenance processes

Likewise, social media services have robust API’s, which means the ecosystem of dashboard-like tools is pretty healthy. These services are great timesavers and make maintenance tolerable.

Integration with other parts of your marketing

One of the simplest social media integrations is with content creation. If you post something newsy on your website, it should get automatically get shared on the appropriate social media services. Automate where possible and save time. One pleasingly simple tool for this is ifttt. Content creation and distribution systems like Compendium also have this built-in.