Privacy Policy

We collect and analyze aggregated data about website viewer behavior, e.g. what pages are most popular, where visitors come from and so on. Individual “footprints” though the site are available to us if we really dig into the raw logs, but we’re not interested in that.

In January 2014 we upgraded this website’s Google Analytics tracking code to support their Display Advertising service, but at the moment we are only interested in the “Demographics and Interest Reporting,” mostly out of curiosity. That reporting tells us the age ranges and topical interests of our visitors, again in the aggregate. and not at the individual level. You can see what Google knows about you here, and make adjustments too. FWIW Google proactively asks that we publish this kind of disclaimer, which we think is a good idea given current concerns about online privacy.

Last, we do not share your email address, if it was collected here.

N.B. This privacy policy was clearly not written or reviewed by a lawyer. Our clients get better treatment.