Making Website Tweaks Easy

A recurring theme for 2010 is the increasing availability of web tools that make effective online marketing more accessible. Hot categories include a/b testing, mobile website maintenance, content management systems, and the interoperability of … [Continue reading]

What’s the top spot worth?


Editor's Note: Someone must have done this before. My plagiarism, if any, is unintentional. How much more frequently does the #1 search result get clicked, compared to the ones further down? This image shows the click frequency of the … [Continue reading]

Fake Google Ads


Today brings an amusing online marketing twist to a New Jersey Congressional election. In NJ's Third Congressional District, a candidate has appeared to run under the Tea Party line -- only he was recruited by the Democrats to siphon votes away … [Continue reading]

Transcribing Services


My favorite transcriber, an ex-IBM programmer in Rhode Island, retired not long ago. This left me without a proven way to turn customer telephone interviews into text. Then, while reading the SEOMoz blog, I note that each of their Whiteboard … [Continue reading]