Hooray for crude solutions


The good folks at GigaOm take note of a study that shows how web pages have increased in size: ...The HTTP Archive charted the growth of the average web page and found that average web pages have grown from 726 KB a year ago to 965 KB now... And a … [Continue reading]

A Tiny Failure to Sell


If you're a college graduate, you know the drill when a rep from your alma mater calls you for updated contact information. "It's for the alumni directory," they say. "You're here for my money," you think. The rep is actually with a firm … [Continue reading]

Monitoring web page changes with Page2RSS


Monitoring what your compeititors and partners are doing can give you the occasional edge in selling, a negotiation, or product decision. Here's a relatively simple way to monitoring what your compeititors and partners are doing, by learning when … [Continue reading]