Google Apps

There’s nothing truly wrong about Microsoft Outlook.


It’s a solid, predictable tool to handle company email, and everyone over 25 knows how to use it.


A small company has alternatives. That small company might not want to run an email server just so you can get email on your phone.  Or it might want something more native to the cloud. Or it might want to save some money.

Google Apps is a family of Google products for businesses of all sizes. Gmail is at the heart of it, but the calendaring system is good and you can share contacts within a workgroup. Google Docs are eminently shareable, but not a total replacement for Microsoft Office. Rollout and user maintenance is super easy.

This page spells it out very economically.

While we don’t look on every situation as a nail for the Google Apps hammer, each of our rollouts has been successful. (And, there are four million other companies who use Google Apps.)

In particular, if your team is mobile and heavy on collaboration, it’s a good choice.

Benkard Marketing Systems can help you understand if Google Apps makes sense for your business, and integrate it into your existing business systems.

Included With Every Google Apps Project

All Google Apps projects address some of our standard secondary considerations thusly:


You can do email and make document edits on your smartphones and tablet. No software to install. What’s not to love?

Training and Maintenance

Users who are inured to the Outlook world will occasionally have trouble adapting to Gmail and Google Docs. We are familiar with the most common stumbling blocks, and our remote training practices can give help in real-time.

Maintaining a user base in Google Apps is pretty simple. The control panel is web-based, and users can be activated and deactivated in less than a minute. Permissioning and sharing tools are also fairly robust.


One major concern with cloud-based apps is a perceived lack of control over mission-critical data. Losing email and calendar data is a real showstopper. While Google has a very good track record for uptime and data integrity, we recommend our Google Apps clients use an inexpensive service like Backupify for peace of mind.