Content Marketing

A basic website is a series of static pages. Begin adding a flow of fresh, relevant content to the site, and what happens? It’s more likely to convert prospects into leads, and it will do better in the search engine rankings.

A blog is the most obvious way to accomplish this, but not the only one.

(Here is our definition of content, by the way.)


The Baseline

To develop content that really supports the sales and marketing efforts, the average business should:

  • First of all know what the customer is thinking – preferably by talking to them first.
  • Feature on your website enough static content that engages customers and answers their questions.
  • Publish and promote a steady stream of relevant content, via web and/or email and/or social media.

Marketing is about making it easy for customers to to buy something from you. Answer their questions as they are asking them, and they will buy.

We can develop that kind of system for you.


Your Authority Opportunity

We believe every company has an optimal combination of positioning and communications for the online space.

Think of it as a tangible, ongoing demonstration of what makes your company special. It’s not a one-shot marketing blast, but a “permanent campaign” built around content.

Customers would encounter this campaign in your choice of blog posts, or in videos, lists, photos, public recommendations from influencers, and so on. They see the way you understand their problems, present your company, the features and benefits of your products, and the offers you make.

In other words, you have an opportunity to be recognized as an authority on a particular solution, for a given market.

Achieve this and leads convert into customers at a much higher rate.

Just as importantly, people who realize your authority on a topic will acknowledge it by linking to your site. This helps your search engine ranking immensely.

We can help you discover your authority opportunity, and capitalize on its development.


Included With Every Content Development Project

All content development projects address our standard secondary considerations thusly:


Just as with any website or email project, your content has to look good on a mobile device. It might also offer mobile-friendly calls to action, like a QR code, if that’s right for your customers.


Workflow management is key when you’re publishing content online. Approvals need to be obtained, and stakeholder buy-in needs to be gained. It’s all a lot easier if you have a documented process. We configure the technology and train the team for operational efficiency.