Three more to go. Goodbye Mediatemple.

Only three more sites to migrate before I am free of MediaTemple’s deeply troubled Grid hosting service.

Their customer service is fine, but their phone system fails more often than the Detroit Lions, and the server outages come too frequently and occasionally for days at a time. Here’s their status feed.

The last straw was when a few of my pro bono sites got hacked with a code injection, via what was probably a systemwide vulnerability. Many others were affected.

I had seen this kind of attack at another host, and that time had the opportunity of breaking the news to the sysadmin.

For the record, most of my sites are now at Chicago-based WiredTree. They have a nice VPS package and answer tickets promptly.  And they sent me a coffee mug after I tweeted a haiku:

a ticket opened

michael fixes dns

a ticket closed


UPDATE November 25, 2009: 

MediaTemple has sort of fessed up, with this email:

Recently we witnessed some malicious activity on our (gs) Grid-Service platform where a hacker redirected some customer websites to a 3rd-party advertising website. This attacker appears to have illegally obtained some older customer data, which included usernames and passwords stored in clear text.  Our newer systems now have this same data encrypted. An investigation into this illegal activity is ongoing, with full details forthcoming.

More here.

UPDATE October 2010:

Nearly all my websites are hosted at WiredTree in Chicago. Solid uptime, and the support team answers the phone! I’ve never been as happy with a hosting service.