Making Website Tweaks Easy

A recurring theme for 2010 is the increasing availability of web tools that make effective online marketing more accessible. Hot categories include a/b testing, mobile website maintenance, content management systems, and the interoperability of social media tools.

Yesterday I found another modest, but elegant, service that fits right in.

Sweaver is an new add-on for the Drupal CMS that dramatically eases the pain of making visual changes to your website. (As compared to content changes; that should be easy or you need a new site.)

Watch a minute of the developer’s video – begin at 0:45 or so.

Granted, sweaver isn’t an original idea. There are other visual website builders around, and it’s quite similar to the CSS editor in Drupal Gardens. But sweaver is built for one of the top three content management systems, and in good functional shape. It’s also free and appears to have the active support of a stable contributor. I love it.

The important point here is that visual tweaks are becoming less costly in terms of money and time. Either they now can be done by a less-expensive person, or in less time by your existing web person.