Importing Content Profile data in Drupal

A short post, illustrating a gotcha I encountered while importing Content Profile user data in Drupal.

Scenario: You’re building an intranet or extranet, and want to load their users into the system. First use the User Import module. To load their Profile data (e.g. company, mobile#), go for the Node Import module. You are aiming to import user data as a node of type “Profile”, associated with the user.

You might encounter this error:


Here’s the fix, which is one of the eight steps in the Node Import flow:


“Username” is in your .csv file; it’s the username of the already-imported user. Set that to be the “Authored by” value. You want that person to be the author of the Content Profile, so it’s associated correctly with the user itself.

If it’s not checked, Node Import thinks that you, the admin (uid 1), would be the author. That’s why it complains with the above error.