New site for HBI Boats

My friend Bill Reed of Hard Bottom Inflatables (HBI) needed a new website for his company. HBI’s boats have an inflatable tube around the rail, which makes them excellent tenders and helps keep occupants dry in the slop. 

Working with Jason Moore at Arbor Web Development and designer Edwin Koudijzer, HBI’s new site is striking and shows off the product effectively.


Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

The website knows when users are looking at the site on their smartphone or tablet, and render the site appropriately.

Below is how the site looks to someone on an iPhone.

Note the menu link to the right of the logo, which makes site navigation easy for someone on working on a small touchscreen.


The site also has a photo gallery, and loads very quickly for a site with lots of large photography.



iPhone and Drupal

iPhone integration is coming fitfully to the Drupal world. We are happy to report that two tools, one recently released, are making it easier to create content and maintain your sites. BlogPress is a fairly well-established app that permits you to write simple posts and upload pictures. Exempli Gratia:

You are mostly limited by your tolerance for the tedium of thumb typing. Drupad is a new app & module combination that eases some common site moderation tasks, such as user permissioning, comment handling and backing up.

The above was composed entirely on the phone via Blogpress. Line breaks are absent, and it’s not feasible to include links. This really limits the utility of the app. Yet the picture integration is pretty good: the app grabs a pic from your phone and sends it off to Flickr. So, it’s worth keeping in the hope that a new version fixes that problem and adds features like CCK integration.

I’m quite pleased with the early state of Drupad. Handling comments is great, and that’s the kind of idle drudgery you’re likely to do on a phone while on the train, in line, in the car etc.