Monitoring web page changes with Page2RSS

Monitoring what your compeititors and partners are doing can give you the occasional edge in selling, a negotiation, or product decision.

Here’s a relatively simple way to monitoring what your compeititors and partners are doing, by learning when their web site changes.
page-2-rssA free service called Page2RSS will automatically scrape a web page every six hours, and compare it to what it saw earlier. If anything on the page has changed, the alteration is noted in an RSS feed. That feed can be added to Google Reader, or as a bookmark in your web browser.

It’s true that many websites have an RSS feed built-in, but that usually only offers a stream of their blog posts or press releases.

Use Cases

  • Competitors: the Management page, their FAQ, their press release page, etc.
  • Partners and Vendors: When they listed a new client, or added a capability.
  • Customers: Management, office locations, events etc.

Google Reader used to have page-watching built in, but they curiously withdrew that feature in September of 2010.

Other similar screen-scraping services are Feed43 and Feedity.